Administrative Team

  • Kathy W
    Kathy W Director Of Operations, Human Resource Manager
  • Celeste S
    Celeste S Controller, Owner
  • Colleen L
    Colleen L Home Health Billing Specialist - Quality Assurance
  • Carol S., CPC
    Carol S., CPC Certified Professional Coder
  • Kami E., LPN
    Kami E., LPN Licensed Practical Nurse, Quality Assurance
  • Patty B., CCS
    Patty B., CCS Certified Coding Specialist
  • Sally C
    Sally C Administrative Assistant
  • Shelly P
    Shelly P Home Health Administrative Assistant
  • Susan H
    Susan H Administrative Specialist
  • Susan P., RN
    Susan P., RN Registered Nurse - Home Health Quality Assurance

Patient Care Team

  • Carla M
    Carla M Patient Services Director
  • Julie A
    Julie A Patient Care Coordinator
  • Sheri Ann R
    Sheri Ann R Patient Care Coordinator
  • Serena S
    Serena S Patient Care Coordinator
  • Jen F
    Jen F Patient Care Services

Home Health Team

  • Cathy J., RN
    Cathy J., RN Registered Nurse, Home Health Administrator, Owner
  • Pat T., PT
    Pat T., PT Physical Therapist, Owner
  • Jana M., RN, CHPN
    Jana M., RN, CHPN Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse - Nursing Clinical Director
  • Amanda S., PT, COS-C
    Amanda S., PT, COS-C Physical Therapist, Certified Oasis Specialist - Clinical, Therapy Director
  • Erika W., LMSW
    Erika W., LMSW Licensed Master Social Worker - Director of Social Services
  • Angie C., RN
    Angie C., RN Psychiatric Registered Nurse
  • Anita P., RN
    Anita P., RN Registered Nurse
  • Brian C., LPN
    Brian C., LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Chrystal S., RN
    Chrystal S., RN Registered Nurse
  • Ginny M., RN
    Ginny M., RN Registered Nurse
  • Grace J., RN
    Grace J., RN Psychiatric Registered Nurse
  • Jerrie A., RN
    Jerrie A., RN Registered Nurse
  • JoAnne W., LPN
    JoAnne W., LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Joe L., RN
    Joe L., RN Psychiatric Registered Nurse
  • Julie S., BSN
    Julie S., BSN Registered Nurse, Weekend On Call
  • Kate L., LPN
    Kate L., LPN Psychiatric Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Kerri B., RN
    Kerri B., RN Registered Nurse
  • Lisa M., RN
    Lisa M., RN Registered Nurse
  • Liz G., RN, WCC
    Liz G., RN, WCC Registered Nurse, Wound Care Certified
  • Nancy P., RN
    Nancy P., RN Registered Nurse
  • Teena H., BSN
    Teena H., BSN Registered Nurse
  • Adrianne J., PT
    Adrianne J., PT Physical Therapist
  • Ann B., PT
    Ann B., PT Physical Therapist
  • Carlie L., PT
    Carlie L., PT Physical Therapist
  • Eric T., PT
    Eric T., PT Physical Therapy
  • Janice F., PT
    Janice F., PT Physical Therapist
  • Jennifer A., PTA
    Jennifer A., PTA Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Kasey W., PT
    Kasey W., PT Physical Therapist
  • Morgan B., PT
    Morgan B., PT Physical Therapist
  • Renee H., PT-NCS
    Renee H., PT-NCS Physical Therapist - Neurological Clinical Specialist
  • Rhonda R., PTA
    Rhonda R., PTA Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Sanjaya M., PT
    Sanjaya M., PT Physical Therapist
  • Shelly S., PTA
    Shelly S., PTA Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Tracy T., PT
    Tracy T., PT Physical Therapist
  • Dayle B., COTA
    Dayle B., COTA Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Jill R., OT
    Jill R., OT Occupational Therapist
  • Mark S., OT
    Mark S., OT Occupational Therapist
  • Kate G., SLP
    Kate G., SLP Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Kathleen S., SLP
    Kathleen S., SLP Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Sherry M., CHP-SW, LSW
    Sherry M., CHP-SW, LSW Certified Hospice and Palliative Social Worker
  • Rebecca P., RT
    Rebecca P., RT Respiratory Therapist

Hospice Team

  • Kara C
    Kara C Hospice Administrator, Owner
  • Jana M., RN, CHPN
    Jana M., RN, CHPN Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse, Hospice Clinical Director
  • Erin D., RN
    Erin D., RN Registered Nurse - Hospice Clinical Supervisor
  • Erika W., LMSW
    Erika W., LMSW Licensed Master Social Worker - Director of Social Services
  • Kevin Clifford., MD
    Kevin Clifford., MD Board Certified Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Medical Director
  • Robert Perko., MD
    Robert Perko., MD Hospice Medical Director
  • Jeremy Cureton., NP-C
    Jeremy Cureton., NP-C Certified Nurse Practitioner
  • Alice H., RN
    Alice H., RN Registered Nurse
  • Amy Y., RN
    Amy Y., RN Registered Nurse
  • Connie H., RN
    Connie H., RN Registered Nurse
  • Dave D., RN
    Dave D., RN Registered Nurse
  • Jacque K., LPN
    Jacque K., LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Kate L., LPN
    Kate L., LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Kelli H., RN
    Kelli H., RN Registered Nurse
  • Mary P., LPN
    Mary P., LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Sabrina B., RN
    Sabrina B., RN Registered Nurse, Weeknight On-Call
  • Theo N., LPN
    Theo N., LPN Licensed Practical Nurse Weekend On Call
  • Sherry M., CHP-SW, LSW
    Sherry M., CHP-SW, LSW Certified Hospice and Palliative Social Worker
  • Bruce J
    Bruce J Spiritual Care Counselor
  • Jen R., M.DIV
    Jen R., M.DIV Spiritual Care Counselor
  • Jim S
    Jim S Spiritual Care Counselor
  • Kathleen R
    Kathleen R Spiritual Care Counselor
  • Kristen V
    Kristen V Massage Therapist
  • Michelle D
    Michelle D Volunteer Coordinator

House Calls Team

  • Bridgette Baker., MD
    Bridgette Baker., MD Medical Director
  • Alli V., AGNP-C
    Alli V., AGNP-C Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner
  • Brett H., AGNP-C
    Brett H., AGNP-C Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner
  • Candice A., AGNP
    Candice A., AGNP Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner
  • Courtney C
    Courtney C House Calls Billing Specialist

Certified Nursing Team

  • Laura B., CNA
    Laura B., CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Jenny S., CNA
    Jenny S., CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Jen H., CNA
    Jen H., CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Nancy C., CNA, CHPNA
    Nancy C., CNA, CHPNA Certified Hospice and Palliative Nursing Assistant - End-of-Life Doula
  • Lian F., CNA
    Lian F., CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Tamra M., CNA
    Tamra M., CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Emily E., CNA
    Emily E., CNA Certified Nursing Assistant

Marketing Team

  • Tony D
    Tony D Director Of Marketing
  • April D
    April D Community Liaison
  • John M
    John M Community Liaison
  • Rachel D
    Rachel D Community Liaison
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