Deleonard’s Anniversary, Cherishing Another Year 

Our CNA, Laura, learned that one of our Hospice patients, Shirley and her husband Dick were coming upon their anniversary date. She knew Shirley simply couldn’t get out and do something for Dick due to her Alzheimer’s disease. She contacted Jen Heidemann-Studer and Nikkie Larkin with Professional Care Services and told them about the situation and how wonderful it would be to do something nice for Dick. Laura’s idea was to get Shirley all dolled up, looking as lovely as ever, for Dick on their special day. Laura thought, we could dress her in a nice, new outfit accompanied with a hair/makeup makeover.


Jen and Nikkie loved the idea and wanted to help. Jen put together a poster board and got balloons to celebrate the occasion. Nikkie opted to help with the make-up and flowers. Laura picked up a lovely outfit and dinner. Michelle Despain had the volunteers make an anniversary cake. Excitement began building for the big day.


Jen, Nikkie, and Laura got Shirley showered and ready that day. The balloons were strung, the cake was placed and the large card was displayed. When Dick came home he was totally surprised! He greatly appreciated everything. Most of all he was able to cherish another anniversary with his beautiful wife. Dick wanted to thank everyone at the office for signing the poster. What an amazing team! What an amazing day! Thank you, Laura, Jen, Nikkie and Michelle for creating a moment a family affected by Alzheimers will never forget.


“What a surprise to come home and find my bride of 66 years sitting at the kitchen table with a big grin on her face. These wonderful folks at First Choice had curled her hair, put on lipstick and had her dressed up very pretty. There was a cake, a poster with best wishes signed by the folks of this wonderful hospice and to top it off there was a great dinner from Costco, enough for three meals. What a wonderful anniversary!” ~ Richard DeLeonard
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